Marc Hendrickx and Associates Pty Ltd

Specialist geological services to the construction and mining industry.

Common Sense Solutions to Wicked Problems

  • Geological investigation and interpretation for civil construction and mining
  • Engineering Geology
  • Qualitative/Quantitative Slope Risk Analysis
  • Slope Remediation Design
  • Landslide Risk Assessment
  • Emergency Landslide Response
  • Geological Investigation of Natural Occurrences of Asbestos

For a quote contact marchgeo at gmail dot com

Mobile: 0406320248

PO Box 61

Berowra Heights NSW 2082

Title photo by Andrew Hunter Coffey Geotechnics

I acknowledge and pay respect to the actions, sacrifice, wisdom, traditions and curiosity of our ancestors. Their collective efforts over centuries helped evolve our western civilisation, giving birth to the liberal society that makes this work possible.



  1. Mark,
    Congratulations on your fight to keep places like Mount Warning open to all.
    I wish Ayer’s Rock was still the same
    Love to talk of how I can help
    Is you mobile the best

    • Thanks. 0406320248. Call me early next week. Regards Marc

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