Slope Risk Analysis

galston 23-7-2011

Marc is fully accredited in NSW RMS Guide to Slope Risk Analysis Version 4. Since 2007 he has acted as a lecturer, on-site tutor, provided marking and assessment of candidate’s work, reviewed accreditation of existing assessors, provided updates to training and course work materials, and for some time have worked collaboratively with RMS in improving the Slope Risk Analysis System.

If your organisation requires assistance in any matters related to slope risk analysis, assessment, advice on appropriate slope risk management methods including design or review of remedial measures or oversight of slope stabilisation works contact Marc Hendrickx and Associates for the very best advice. If you want a solution that doesn’t cost the earth talk to us.

For details of the RMS Guide to Slope Risk Analysis refer to:

  • Stewart IE, Baynes FJ, and Lee IK, 2002. The RTA Guide to Slope Risk Analysis Version 3.1. Australian Geomechanics Vol.37/2, pp.115-147.

We are able to arrange independent training in the Guide. Call Marc for a cost estimate (mob 0406320248)



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