Posted by: Marc Hendrickx | February 28, 2015

New Landslide maps for US state…where are ours?

The US State of Oregon has developed a new series of landslide maps showing susceptibility of their highway network to a large scale earthquake.  see

In NSW we don’t have an up to date Engineering Geological map of our State’s capital. It is long overdue for a series of detailed Engineering Geology maps to be produced for the states larger population centres!




  1. Hi Mark

    Couldn’t age with you more on the need for a series of State and even National landslide maps for Australia . Phil Flentje (UoW) and I have been campaigning for this for years and have had no luck in getting funding- but we will keep trying

    Also very interested in the RMS Slope risk assessment and I have had discussions with a few people both here in Victoria and in Tasmania re the need for such training. It really is pointing to the much broader appeal of this system throughout Australia.

    Trying to get a technical interest group up on landslides thru the AGS and would love to chat to you about these issue

    regards Tony Miner
    A.S.Miner Geotechnical

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