Posted by: Marc Hendrickx | October 20, 2015

New NOA risk maps

The NSW Heads of Asbestos Coordination Authorities have released a new information product on NOA that includes new NOA potential maps for NSW developed by the Geological Survey of NSW.


The maps have three potential classification levels. Low Medium and High. Regions of high potential are mainly serpentinite belts, these rocks are known to host asbestos occurrences in NSW. The Medium and Low potential categories however often include rocks with no known asbestos occurrences and the classification is subject to significant uncertainty. We have found that some areas classified as medium and low potential include rocks that have the same potential for asbestos as areas classified as having “no potential”. A low or medium potential classification may result in significant costs to comply with asbestos management regulations unless further geological investigations are undertaken. Field checking of low and medium potential areas provides a means to justify re-classification of areas to reflect conditions on the ground. If you need mapping done to clarify NOA potential on your property make sure you talk to us first.


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