Posted by: Marc Hendrickx | September 25, 2018

2018 AEG/IAEG Conference San Francisco

Marc attended the 61st AEG Annual Meeting/13th IAEG Congress in San Francisco, California on September 15-23, 2018. He presented 2 papers on Natural Occurrences of Asbestos and sat on an international panel of experts during the 3 day NOA symposium.

A feature of the meeting was discussion of the potential health implications of elongate amphibole fibres and non-regulated asbestiform minerals. This is an area of on going research.

The excursion to the recently completed Calaveras Replacement Dam site was a highlight. Construction of the dam required a high level of management, monitoring and control of asbestiform glaucophane derived from Blue Schists disturbed by major excavation works.

Photo shows blue schists being quarried for rip rap. Work undertaken under a NOA management plan.



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